A person I admire

23 Jul

NELSON MANDELAThe person who I really admire is……………..

He is rather old, 92, and he has short grey hair, and a frail body

He seems to be a very optimistic person…….

He is not very active at the moment as he is quite old, but he does contribute to many charities and South African organisations

The main reason I admire him is…..

Another reason I admire him is……



30 Apr

I am SO loving Masterchef at the moment.  I am not new to it, I saw it in its entirety last year, and many elements are the same.  Frustrating waits for info to be revealed, that bloody fire in the pan, and lots of crying and anxiety over how to beat egg whites.  But isn’t it great when Gary asks “Are you ok mate?” when a bloke breaks down in tears?  Yes, there is alot of “I want this so bad” and fierce competition, but it is still so touchy feely at the moment, it makes me happy to be alive!  I would take George, Gary and Matt (Fatt) Preston over those nasty  judges on “Australia’s got Talent”, who, by the way, are devoid of talent themselves, any old day!

Hey, I’m getting the hang of this!

16 Apr

These are my 2 special kittens: Pancho and I, and Bird, looking out the window

My favourite bird

16 Apr

I saw this wonderful red capped robin last week, so you can see the amazing birds hidden in the wonderful Australian bush

What I did on my holidays!

16 Apr

It was a lovely 2 weeks (or should I say, 16 days!) …….I hung out with my kittens, I went to a few parties, caught up with friends, and the best thing I did was go bird watching.  I went out to the Brisbane Ranges (about 1 hour from Melbourne) with a bird expert, and he helped me identify about 10 new birds.  I also discovered Weribee Sewage Plant, home to up to about 200 birds.

I love holidays, and coming back to work is never easy, but ‘such is life’

Hello world!

16 Apr

Hi to anyone who cares.  I am just here to try and encourage my students to write a blog, practice their English, and embrace technology.  I CANNOT pretend to be an expert, but I am trying…..               so, if you care, I am happy for you to read what I have to say!